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Sunday, 6 November 2016

PLEASE TO THE TABLE . . . A great Christmas gift

If you are interested in the cuisines of any of the countries belonging to the former Soviet Union, PLEASE TO THE TABLE  is a wonderful resource, and it is available online.  Put it on your Christmas wish list!

Some of the recipes we’ve tried include:

Wonderful Latvian Rye Bread (p.423)

Delicious Moldavian Potato & Feta Salad (p.113)

Classic Ukrainian Borscht (p.62):  very good, and my daughter said this was like the borscht we had in restaurants in Ukraine

Guvetch (p. 327) this tasty vegetable stew is made in Romania, Odessa, and Turkey 

Ukrainian Roast Pork with Caraway Seeds and Potatoes p 204

Ukrainian Pork & Prune Stew p 212:  EXCELLENT!  served with carrots and new potatoes

Moldavian Cabbage with Feta p 296: Outstanding!

Georgian Red Bean Soup with Walnuts, p. 92: Complex & delicious!

Chick-Pea & Onion stew from Tadzhikistan p. 292: went well with lamb chops




Thanks, Bryan, for my copy!  A Christmas gift which appeared in 2015 . . .