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Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Tuesday we went to see your aunt Nellie Bewza
she is not to well tomorrow again she’s going to Brandon to see the Doctor she says if the Doctor says this time to stay in the hospital she will so far we don’t know what’s wrong.

Aline and me went Thursday to Oakburn to get pencils to do Easter Eggs Aline is going tomorrow to Foxwarren school to show the children how to do egg she says she may have to show three day in success
 I have already started the peacock on the cushion but I don’t think much of it perhaps when it be finished may look better its too much of one kind of color its devied to three but they look alike when finished.
Karen went today to Brandon to look at the couches she want to buy one
David will come here after school

Last Friday went to Winnipeg to sell the furs but he left at the auction they say that the furs are a good prise Dad caught a weasel in the henhouse after she kill 3 hens so no matter what prise she be will not cover the lose.

Last night I had a very bad dream dreamet that some body packed me up and domped in a empty house what a silly dream.

Aline is going to try and bake Easter Paska & Baba I told one of these days I will make some and ask her to come and I will show her how to do it the roads Aline said are good
She and Naomi were here yesterday Aline is embriodring in cross stitch a blouse for Naomi so she wanted to show me.

Some of my climbing tomatoes are up but I didn’t plant the othere only send for seeds.

When I was at Dianas I copped a lot Ukarian recipes out her Ukarian cook book but I haven’t tried them yet they are a lot what I do only I don’t measure

I washed the blouses from ukarian two washed nicely only one is badly rencaled perhaps after I iron I will make it look better I may give one to Aline she will be happy.
I will Close for now hope this will reach you in very best of health and happiness and very best of luck.

                                                Love Mother


Nicole always loved Mom’s KEISTO so she asked me to make some in Laredo and Kepler enjoyed helping.
1 egg
4-5 tsp water
¼ tsp salt
1 cup flour

  • Beat together the egg, water, and salt.
  • Then stir and knead in the flour.
  • Roll out and cut finely.

  • Boil for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Put in serving bowls and cover with hot chicken stock.

P.S. Mom didn't think it tasted good unless the surface of the soup was golden with chicken fat!