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Friday, 25 March 2016

EASTER 1974 . . . and Maple-Cornmeal Biscuits

(Undated: 8 cent stamp:   To 316 Stradbrooke Avenue, Winnipeg:  best guess:  March or April 1974)
Dear Eleanor:

        I am writing about that I did not talk much to Bryan and Diana 

I am sorry but I am not very good at talking to all people I run out of what to say that Bryan I am sorry I will make up for it in person I hope he will understand I think he’s a nice guy and besides Dad was at me that I will run you brock talking so long and he said I will not have anything left to say when you come.  There is a lot I would have liked to ask you about the cake  

if its not all right to put only soft icing like you had last time being it will be used up I don’t think it needs almond icing as its nice with only what they put over almond icing but its up to you it will cost less with only one icing I will have to take in first week in May and have it done and it will be over.  I will try and use the table after Easter as they may be coming less with the kids 
Alines mother is in France having a good time she send the children Easter goodies

We killed a pig this week when you phoned I was in the middle of floor scrubing and waxing the living room everything looks clean I had a rest after I finnish the floors now befor supper had notting to do so thought I will write to you as I haven’t written for a long time
I washed the kitchen curtain and they look good. 

I stoped knitting may try and make few blocks for a quilt I will do in the same pattern like the one that’s on Bryan’s bed you mentioned you want strips but it all block of strips I hope it will look good I was wondering if those velvet pant to use as a centere block I will make up one block and see how it looks I likely will not have it done till next winter and that after Christmas with so many wedding I don’t think I can do much more than garden and poultry and besides I don’t mind making blocks in summer when I hve time but making the quilt it takes over a week and I do it in Nestor’s room so don’t want it sitting there when some one comes

I phoned Diana tonight but she was out with Bill I am glad she’s having fun Dorthey said she may bring Diana some day I will have to keep the house in order now not that I don’t but there is days that the kids and men track up my floor

 But I may wax my kitchen floor tomorrow it needs two coats and its hard the men allways trot in and out mostly when I am working with floor.  But Dad is going to town tomorrow if Diana & Dorthey do go home you write or tell what you would like them to bring from home.

I will close for now Oh I looked at that Deep fryer it has a timer to set and chart on it it can even roast a very small chicken I am sending all my love to you dear & Bryan.  May God bless you both in everything

                                            Love Mother

Nick said why I didn’t wish happy Easter from him to Bryan.



            From:  BISCUITS and SCONES by Elizabeth Alston, 1988.

1 cup cornmeal
1 cup flour
1 tbsp baking powder
¼ tsp salt
5 tbsp butter
¼ cup maple syrup

·        Preheat oven to 425.
·        Grease a baking sheet.
·        Put cornmeal, baking powder, and salt into food processor.
·        Whirl to mix well.
·        Add butter and spin until butter is mixed in well.
·        Transfer mixture to a large mixing bowl.
·        Pour ¼ cup syrup into a measuring cup.  Add enough milk to make 2/3 cup of liquid.
·        Stir into flour.
·        Drop large spoonfuls onto baking sheet.
·        Bake 14 minutes.

I'm not even a huge fan or cornbread, but these are DELICIOUS served warm and just with butter.