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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Delhi on Tour

Our Welcome/Farewell dinner provided by the Kempinski Ambience Hotel was a multi-course feast!  After dessert, large boxes were placed on the table and we could select from an array of seeds and other palate 'cleansers?'.  I thought I was choosing a large nut but it was maybe tamarind . . . I should have asked afterwards, but I was too taken by surprise.  I ate half and popped the rest into Bryan's mouth . . . ha, ha.

I asked some of my fellow travellers what they enjoyed most during the day:

a.   Some enjoyed the rickshaw ride through the Chandi Chowk market. (I would have preferred getting down at some point and shopping.)

b.   Threading our way side by side with cars and motorcycle-cabs and rickshaws was a thrill for others.  (I felt really confident after our excursion during the night just previous.)

As for myself, I was struck by the immensity of the Jama Masjid mosque and the coolness of the interior; a nice relief from the sun.   I also enjoyed the lacy stone screens at Humayun’s Tomb – can never see them too often. 

Most Irksome:
A huge cloud of mosquito spray descended upon us while we were touring Humayun’s Tomb.   Couldn’t that have been done AFTER the tourists left?

And a Warning . . .
A luxury tour is expensive . . . A single glass of “house” wine appeared on the menu for 1300 rupees.  Add tax to that and the glass of wine cost about $30.00. 
                              I decided I wanted a beer instead.