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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

St. Pete's Beach, Florida

Just sitting indoors with my leg elevated – doctor’s orders – so it seems like a good time to do a blog post.  I had a pleasant flashback, yesterday, to our holiday in Florida, so I figure I’ll enjoy immersing myself in memories of sunny days, white sand, and tropical cocktails.

Our flight out of Laredo was delayed so we missed our connection in Dallas, but American Airlines comped our dinner at TGI Fridays.
On the plane, I sat between a well-dressed lady on her way to a deathbed and a large man who had, only 2 weeks before, had a hip replacement.  They both commiserated with me over my injured foot.

At the Tampa airport Bryan upgraded our rental to a Ford SUV and we checked into The Tradewinds Island Resort before midnight.  Our room was in the building closest to the beach, but it was actually the beautiful hotel lobby that inspired the flashback. 

At the Concierge desk, arrangements were made to rent a wheelchair for a week for $25.00. 

There was no charge, however, for the beach chair. 

It wasn’t easy for Bryan or Nicole to push it, but, without it, I would never have made it down to the water.

The beach goes on for miles and miles.  Naturally, we spent our first day here.   

My main reason for choosing St. Pete’s over other beach destinations was the Salvador Dali museum in nearby St. Petersburg.  Diana had already seen it and loved it. 

Outside, there’s a lot to enjoy, too,  including a labyrinth.

On one of our beach excursions, a beach attendant took the dune buggy away for someone else, promising to come back for me.   

When no one did, I started crab walking back along the beach while Bryan raced about trying to get help.  I got a bit steamed up about this, so the hotel erased the charges for that day.

Another day, we ventured out again to St. Petersburg; this time to a delightful Children’s Museum.

A really special evening was spent in a beach restaurant where we saw two different weddings.   

Sigh.  It really was a wonderful  holiday.