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Thursday, 5 March 2015

A very special BIRTHDAY

A year ago :)

A lot of things have happened since then.



Chihuly Art Gallery in Tacoma, Washington:

                                           Port Townsend, Washington 

White Rock, British Columbia


  November:  watching cars & trucks go by

Grand Turks

And the baby became a little boy who has amassed a lot of experiences,

                                                                 a sense of mischief, 

 quite an impressive will  

and a vocabulary to match.

To other children, he introduces himself as “Kep.”  

In the car, he calls out for us to notice,  “Big car,”  and “Big, big truck.”  

“Book,” is a favorite word.

“Maymelle!” is another.

“Color,” is every other minute.
“Mama,” and “Dada, and Come,” of course, of course, of course.

“Where’s Kepler?” asks Gran Gran.
“Behind you,” answers Kepler.

 Kepler is always on the go.                                   

 Only one cake recipe could possibly do for this occasion – 
                           Great-Granny Foran’s CHOCOLATE CAKE! 
                                           baked in a "Cars" mould  
                                      and decorated by his Mom!

Kepler stared at it with amazement, said, "Car." and insisted on eating the front wheel.

For recipe see:

                                        Happy Birthday to Kepler
                                          and his lucky mom and dad!