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Friday, 6 February 2015

Back when Bryan and I were in Library School . . .



  busy with your classes I seem to have funny feeling about it I hope you study hard.

I still knit when I don’t feel like doing something else I may start on my quilt that I was suppose to do last winter I will be glad when I finnish as it’s a complacaite one.  Then will try and see what I got for you as I like to have all the colors so I could arrange them but I will see

you spoiled me with takeing my wash to town now it looks like a chore.  I washed last week but been putting off the ironing I will get it done when I finnish sewing my blouse its like making a dress only little shorter.  I am not even buying botton I am making do with what I have the cloth on this one is what you gave what was curtains the purple stuff.

Dad goes every Tuesday to the farm auction market but had not buought any thing one of these days he will surprise me he has not much to so so he’s been feeling very good 

me I don’t know what whethere I am sick or lasy I have been resting a lot perhaps spring will bring more pep in me

I am planning on sending for seeds but didn’t get at as I forget when I have time and when I remember I am busy doing something else.

We will not know whethere Lornie will have to have glasses till he gets his eyes tested.

Donald went to Winnipeg Tuesday for tests but I didn’t see him so don’t know how he is I guess he wont know till next week too

Karen is knitting scarf for the children

Aline had a house full of sick children last week the othere three had measles and were almost as sick as Lornie so she had hardly any sleep with them they are all over it now and back to school.

Balo eats raw fish now so its no problem for feed for him now hes sure a good alarm clock as he wakes me every morning for his fish then he sleeps all day.

Dads going to town today to ship the rest of the furs they got good for the ones Bryan took in on Bryans statement they forgot to state the minks but they must have had it in their files I did write them but I was afraid they not trace it but they did the mink is cheap they got $14.00 a piece.

I am closing with best wishes in every thing 

                                                Love mother


I don’t know which cake Mom was writing about, but here is her recipe for