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Monday, 14 October 2013


Oct 14th 1982

My dearest Eleanor, Bryan, and Little Granddaughter,

We were in church today in morning, then went to Dad’s sister Nellie.  We had dinner there, wash the dishes as she is very poor[ly].  She gave me some cabbages.  Tomorrow I will make sauerkraut.

Yesterday all day I washed as I layed down for an hour after dinner. 
I am sending you the recipe you were asking for and I said I lost.  I was going through looking for something and found two recipes of it.  I haven’t baked it since Matt got married.  It calls for 3 8 inch pans but we baked in two 9 in pans but I guess it be better in three.

You forgot your birthday present. 

On Monday after you left we had dinner at six o’clock, then Diana, Bill, & Nestor left.  So I cleaned up and went to bed early. 

I will be leaving Tuesday, October 26 at five minutes past 2 o’clock, the same as always.  I forgot to ask when I get to Saskatoon but it around 9 o’clock.  Dad didn’t argue, he only asked me when I am going.  I forgot to give you the eggs so I will bring them.

Diana & Bill will come tomorrow some time after Diana comes from work. 

Today I bought the cork for your thermos but it a little too big, if I get the right one you can have it back or I will use it.

I got a letter yesterday from old country.  Somehow someone wrote that I could read right away not like always had to read twice before I knew what they write.

Matt was hauling wheat to town for Lornie today, tomorrow will be hauling rape seed for himself. 

Next week there is a lot of auction sale near home so Dad plans to go but I don’t need anything and besides I will have a lot to do and Sat we are going to the wedding reception they already married only putting on a reception.  I am looking forward to going to your place.

I will close for now wishing Bryan a good trip.
May God bless you all, Mom



1.      Drain (don’t rinse) one jar of sauerkraut.  This is enough for one batch of Mom’s dough (makes about 50 perogies). 
     If you use cans, one 28 oz can is not enough for one batch.  Use 2 cans.
2.      Finely chop 3 or 4 slices bacon.
3.     Fry bacon (but not until crisp – crisp bits will poke into the dough).  Add 1 chopped onion and fry until soft.
4.     Add 1 tbsp lard or bacon fat and the sauerkraut.  Keep on medium high heat, stirring all the time until it looks like no juice is left. 
5.     Set aside to cool.

Dough:  to follow Mom’s recipe and method go to: