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Wednesday, 16 October 2013


 On the way to Tofino, we stopped at the Goats on the Roof store in Coombs on Vancouver Island and picked up supplies for a picnic lunch.

Bison Salami, Hot Genoa Salami, Feta & Potato buns, and fun drinks

After a 2 hour winding drive through mountains, finally,
Ocean Village Cabins
with ocean view J

The bottom of ours could sleep 4

with lots of room for the food we brought in 4 coolers.

One of our Dinners:  BRATWURST (Homemade!!! By the Strobels ), 
Coleslaw, and Cheesy Potatoes

Walking miles along Long Beach gave us big appetites . . .

Cream Cheese, Grape Nuts, & Pimiento Sandwiches
On Bryan’s Crunchy Millet Farmhouse Bread  (Canadian Living, Feb. 1999)

And, of course, Thanksgiving dinner!  turkey,  gravy, stuffing, perogies, spinach, rutabaga, and  tropical fruit compote!

After which we walked on the beach in front of the cabins and were 
surprised by FIREWORKS . . . Vesper was NOT impressed.

We had a really nice time except that we were missing    


From The Ultimate Sandwich Book, p. 125
8 oz cream cheese
3 oz grape nuts
1 tsp chopped blanched almonds
Salt & pepper to taste
Minced pimiento

Blend together cream cheese, grape nuts, almonds, salt, & pepper.
Spread on bread.
Cover with minced pimiento.