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Wednesday, 17 July 2013


            It sounded really weird to me when Kathy wished Diana, Bryan, and me a good trip east, but then I realized that, to British Columbians, a trip to every other province is actually a Trip East.

            Our first stop was in Golden where we enjoyed a walk in the Old Town Centre, Chinese Salt and Pepper Squid, and a 3-D movie.

            Next up was Calgary where, first, Serge, Daniela, and Andrew made the three of us feel at home.   

While Serge barbecued steaks and Daniela worked on a Russian salad and perogies à la Brazil, I got to play with Andrew

            and Bryan got to nap.

Thank you all so much. We had a wonderful visit and lunch and enjoyed seeing all the renos on your townhouse!

Andrew is just a year old and already can say Hi, mama, doggy, and Daddy.  He also understands when Serge speaks Ukrainian, Daniela speaks Portuguese, and all the rest of us speak English!


Our next stop was an overnight at Marilyn and Bill’s.

No sooner had we arrived than I had another glass of wine in one hand and one of Sora’s delicious meatball appetizers in another.   

More tempting appetizers!

Somehow I never seemed to find the bottom of my wineglass.  Meanwhile, the wonderful food kept coming:   Jonathan’s stuffed pork tenderloin and Bill’s smoky dark baked beans and, 

                                 Marilyn’s delicious rhubarb and strawberry pie.

Thank goodness we went for a walk before bed!

Then, for breakfast, there were Bill's incredible Cinnamon-Raisin scones 

and Marilyn's Pork Breakfast Patties!


Serge, Daniela, Andrew, Marilyn, Bill, Jonathan, Sora, and Sofia – all I can say is . . .


We’ll be back!

Come Tempest or Tornado!

Well, maybe not tornado.   I finally got Bryan to pull over when Aline told me on the phone that the Russell/Birtle area was under a Tornado Watch.