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Saturday, 20 July 2013

The FOLKS back home . . .

Visits to my farm relatives are always fun and full of surprises.


 At George and Aline’s, there are three large new aquariums . . .

and tiny tanks for the baby fish (they’ll be sold & shipped away!)

Here’s George playing with his pup, Kip.

Nicholas arrives on his quad.

Browsing through Aline’s photos, I found this lovely picture of Aline’s grandma.

But only one picture of Aline!  (the fate of the photographer)

So I took a lot of pictures!


At Donald & Karen’s we played with Karen’s cat, Jinx.  She just loves to be petted.

Donald has put in a farm-size garden.

They gave us some of their tomatoes and potatoes to take home!

Sadly, Karen and Donald have had to say good-bye to their funny little dog, Zeuss.


No visit to Manitoba would be complete without popping in on Crystal and the boys!