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Sunday, 21 April 2013

D is for Delightful DOGS, Delicious DOUGHNUTS, and DOVBUSH

The Icebreaker in Surrey

Since I’ve been walking Vesper I’ve met sooo many new people and dogs.   Tonight’s encounter with a hugely rotund, friendly bulldog who absolutely wanted me to pat her still has me smiling. 

The Vamp in Laredo

On walks, I was stopped more than once by people who were interested in having Maybelle meet their Dog.  There was even an offer to buy her.


“No, no, thou never didst me good
nor ever will, I know”

Isabella Whitney was not thinking of DOUGHNUTS when she wrote those lines in 1573, but still they perfectly express my obsession.  Open a box of those crispy treats in front of me and I’m lost:

French Crullers, Glazed Old Fashioneds, Glazed Sour Creams, Lemon Jellies, Apple Fritters . . . ahhhh. 

But my favourite is a whipped cream filled Ghostbuster.  If you are ever spot a Robin’s Doughnuts, zip in and have one.  You’ll thank me later. J
In the States, I can’t resist a fresh, hot Honey doughnut at a Krispy Kreme.  And there’s a little stand on the white sandy shores in the Florida Panhandle that makes incredible doughnuts – I chose a Key Lime AND a Red Velvet!
Recent experiences in Texas didn’t disappoint either:

Of course, Mom used to make and freeze dozens of doughnuts for late evening snacks. In June, 1982, she wrote:
When I baked the doughnuts I thought I would have for all summer but they are all gone.  Will have to do them next week when I get the flour. 

But the only doughnuts I make are Indian GULAB JAMON which are small and round and swimming in a rosewater-sugar syrup.  I didn’t actually like them the first time I had them in India, but, like all other doughnuts, they are addictive!


Ukraine in the 1700’s:  Oleska Dovbush and “his band of merry Hutsuls” hid in the Carpathian Mountains, robbed the rich, and gave to the poor.  A Polish army couldn’t catch him, but he was betrayed by his mistress, executed, dismembered, and distributed about the villages as a warning to other opryshki (outlaws). 
[from Lonely Planet]