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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

"what you would like me to bring" . . . and Irish PRATIE OATEN


March 3, 1973  Dear Eleanor & Diana, If I don’t get any word from you by next Sat. I will know you don’t seem to be getting my letters somehow so I will phone you Sat or Sunday to tell you we will be coming to stay with you March 16th I will tell when to meet us and what I will be bringing for supper as for now I don’t know yet as I haven’t been feeling my very best I can’t get my glasses till March 26th but don’t worry I be all right the only thing I would like a brown or tan hat but I may get that when we get to Winnipeg as I think the bus gets there at 5 oclock and if I hurry I may get some thing in Hudson Bay its not far from bus depot (stop)

Dad is watching the hockey and I washed the floor and don’t have much to do.  I washed Thursday so there is ironing but I will do that Monday.  Dad got some lumber for that bedroom so he says he will start Monday.  I hope he does as there is a lot to do in that basement.

Matt been having trouble with his teeth he was to see the Dentist Friday and is going again Tuesday to get some out he’s sure sore today his nose is swalllen & upper lip too even his eyes are sore looking.
Dugie is walking some now. 

I stopped knitting would have done some today but Dad forgot to get some yarn
 yesterday we were to see Wes & Marion

& Miron & Katie.

Wes is not so well his feet are bothering him the rest are fine.  Katie lost some weight she looks fine I guess a person can loose weight if they try hard enough I guess I don’t have will power I haven’t gained but didn’t loose any.  I got myself a long slip for the dress I will close for now looking forward on seeing you both.  I will close with best wishes and most of love. 

March 4/73

Matt brought the letter from you after I have sealed the one I wrote to you instead of rewriting I am writing this note I thank you for the letter about the dress you keep it there we are planning to be there I likely will phone before we leave home only I would like to know what you would like me to bring I have canned chickens peas cauliflowers spinnich I may kill a small chicken and freeze for you for roast and do you need and like some canned fruit as for pickles I don’t have much.  And if you have any way to come before Easter please do but we will talk about it when I get there unless you wish to come this week end as the next we will be to see you       Love Mother

                     Here are Mom and Dad in 1973 at Marilyn and Bill’s wedding on . . .
June 30.


“Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary.”

(Oscar Wilde)


Hurrah for the Irish!   



From:  BRITISH COOKERY, edited by Lizzie Boyd

1 pound mashed potatoes
¼ pound instant oatmeal flakes
¼ tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper
1/3 cup milk

Mix together all ingredients.  Roll out and cut into triangles or rounds.  Bake on a hot griddle.  Serve hot with butter.


P. S. I sewed Mom’s dress for her.