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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

10 more great videos . . . and Turmeric Scrambled Eggs


 1.  “Aloha” starring Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, and John Krasinski 

2.    "Pride and Prejudice; Zombies"

3.    "The Making of a Lady" :  a Gothic romance

4.   "13 Minutes"

                                                              A wonderful miniseries based on John le Carre's spy novel

                           This is about Thomas Wolfe who wrote LOOK HOMEWARD ANGEL and was considered a genius 
                                   The critics didn't like it, but Bryan and I thought it was excellent.    (Aug 2017)

                                                                                Enjoyed this twice now!        

Had to see this again before going to Hawaii and thought it was really interesting and well done.

                                              I REALLY didn't like the character, but Bryan and I found this true story very interesting.

                                    Sadly,  BEOWULF was cancelled after the first season.  I loved Grendel and his mother.


P.S.  cool font, no?  it’s Agency FB



            Adapted from Floyd Cardoz: in PEOPLE MAGAZINE, Jan. 16, 2017

1 tbsp chopped garlic
1 tbsp fresh ginger
1 jalapeno, seeded and minced (Floyd said about 1 tbsp, but use more if you like spicy food)
1 tsp cumin
½ tsp turmeric
½ tsp chili powder (use the regular stuff; not the super hot)
¼ tsp cayenne
¼ cup water
¼ cup canola oil
1 ½ cups diced tomatoes
1 tsp kosher salt
½ cup onions
1 ½ tbsp. white vinegar
1 tbsp maple syrup
12 eggs
1/3 cup chopped cilantro

Toasted bread

*Chop and set aside garlic, ginger, tomatoes, cilantro, and onion.
*In a food processor, blend well: garlic, ginger, jalapeno, cumin, turmeric, chili powder, cayenne, and ¼ cup water.
*Heat oil in large skillet with the garlic mixture for 1 minute.  (medium heat)
*Add onions and cook 3 to 5 minutes.
*Add tomatoes, salt, vinegar, and syrup.  Cook 5 minutes.
*Lightly beat eggs.
*Cook eggs in tomatoes until nearly set.
*Sprinkle with cilantro.

You can make this a dinner by serving with potatoes and a Fruity Salad.

 Mango, strawberries, and blackberries on lettuce with Raspberry Dressing