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Friday, 4 August 2017

Blending COLLARDS from our GARDEN with GERMAN FOOD

The collards in our daughter’s community garden plot might keep growing all winter!   Time to harvest!

My recipe calls for 2 pounds of collards.  No problem!  The stalks are so remarkably tender I just snipped them with scissors.

Collards, of course, belong in a Southern States dinner, and next time that’s what I’ll plan.  But some family pictures gave me other ideas.  

                              Here's Marilyn enjoying German cuisine at Bavarian Inn, Bragg Creek.

 Lisa and Josef visiting his family in Germany  


  I just figured the collards would fit right in with . . .     

German Cooking

“Erbsenpuree” (yellow-pea pureé) is “a traditional Berlin dish” served with “Berliner Eisbein” (salt-cured hocks and sauerkraut).                
Fresh pork hocks, however, are used in Bavaria.  

As I expected, the collards and sour cream, garnished with bacon, partnered nicely with the peas and hocks. 

   Recipe from:   THE DELECTABLE VEGETABLE by Kay Shaw Nelson

COLLARDS with SOUR CREAM  (Serves 6 to 8)

2 pounds collards
½ cup water
½ tsp salt
4 slices bacon
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
½ cup sour cream

·        Remove stems from collards. 
·        Cut collards into one-inch wide ribbons.
·        Put collards into soup pot with water and salt.
·        Cook slowly, covered, for 17 minutes.
·        Chop bacon and fry until crisp.
·        Remove bacon and set aside.
·        Combine 2 tbsp bacon fat, lemon juice, and sour cream.
·        Stir into collards.
·        Reheat on stove with lid on.

·        Garnish with bacon.