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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

IT'S NOT ALL PACKING: Bryan's comments . . . and EASY DIP RECIPE

The container arrived today about 5 hours later than expected.  It turns out to be a 28 ft trailer! It is ca 4 ft off the ground. We are unable to use the ramp. James and I moved a lot of boxes today.

 So far so good. Next the beds and sofa.  

We begin the heavy lifting in 15 minutes.  I am not looking forward to Nicole's BIG dresser.    "heave ho!

After that it will be smooth sailing.

We loaded almost all of the heavy stuff. Tomorrow we take down the big flat screen and load the chiminea.

I tend to get quite focused when dealing with situations like moving.  

James leaves for Chicago tomorrow afternoon so Nicole and I will finish. 

If we are lucky we shall be finished by Monday ahead of schedule.

Nicole hope to only use up part of the trailer but we shall fill it. After all it is only 28 ft. but quite high.

We shall begin living like squatters for the next week...just air mattresses and no laundry or TV except a computer sceen (But that was what she had on Gale street and I did not mind.

Next week I shall be visiting Goodwill and the landfill.

I sold some more books: novels and children's books. I saved your Paul Galdone.

We did go bowling. The alley has a neat set up for kids who can use a lighter ball to push down what looks like a slide. Rails come up on each side of the lane to keep the ball more or less in play. Kepler got two back-to-back strikes. He did better than Nicole and me! Nicole thinks that you would love using this system.

I took Kepler to the Imaginarium at the Mall.  He had a good time. We were there almost 3 hours!

I spent a bit more time "playing". He was using my black shoes as pirate ships.  Kepler does a really great imitation of Arnold Schwarzenegger which he copies off his dad. The kid knocks me out.

We had a flash storm late in the afternoon. The downpour was really heavy and the temp dropped 25 degrees to ca 75. The weather improved and we roasted hot dogs using the chiminea.

Kepler had a good time in the backyard pool set up under the canopy.

Kepler made Grandpa illustrate the entire three little pigs story for him.   We have been drawing stories
eg 3 llttle pigs( he really objected to my identifying one pig as a sister) and 3 billy goats. The drawing sucks but it is the dramatic story that counts.

July 19:  Houston, we have lift off. The trailer was picked up this morning.



1/3 cup mayonnaise
¼ cup fresh orange juice
¼ tsp paprika
¼ tsp salt
·        Stir ingredients together.

·        Delicious with thinly sliced zucchini.