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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Sheho, part II, and Congratulations to Marilyn’s family!

Marilyn sent me a picture of her Mom and Dad’s house in Sheho and wrote that it:  

"is still standing very close to St Nicholas Catholic Church that you visited.

Aunty Florence has great memories of wallpapering this house

that Mom and Dad built.

Guido bought Mom a woodstove for this house.”

P.S.  Marilyn also commented:

Sheho is my Dad, Matt’s hometown.  Mom and Dad lived there with my grandmother when first married.  Eleanor was so close to the first home Mom and Dad built that I thought I would send her the picture of the house which is still standing and yes, pink.  My Mom loved pink and even married in Pink and also wore pink to my wedding!    

One of my friend's daughter who lives in Toronto and a is professional photographer said this on Instagram when I posted the picture of the “pink” house,  "So so so cool. Too bad MaryAn couldn't use it as a photo location for wedding pics.”  


I also would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Marilyn and her

 family on so many fun times and exciting events!

                                 Marilyn and Bill hanging out with Vern


                                        Sophia enjoying Hot Chocolate

Sophia making Christmas Cookies

Marilyn and MaryAn petitioning Santa

 MaryAn’s work/art

MaryAn and her fiancé 

 Josephine 's arrival

And soon,  a wedding. 

 Congratulations, one and all!