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Sunday, 8 June 2014


 Quaint Fredericksburg was built by German settlers about 1870.  The larger old houses now are B&B’s and the small ones can be reserved like hotel rooms by the tourists who flock to the little town.

 We were just about a block from downtown in “Liedchin”, our little home away from home.

The wineries just outside the town are a major attraction so, at the pubs we made a point of sampling the local wines.
Kepler was more interested in the window blinds.

 Of course, Fredericksburg is also a great place to drink beer and enjoy platters of German sausages and sauerkraut.  We got there early,  but the patio filled up soon after.

At night, Kepler was into the live music at the pubs.  Here we are at Hondo's.

We spent a very pleasant day visiting some of the wineries. 

There was live music and we enjoyed drifting about the lawns with our wine glasses.

Once again, Kepler headed for the dance floor

where he got rounded up!

Yee Haw, Fredericksburg!