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Sunday, 2 June 2013

LISA on holiday

Lisa says:  We made it! Here's how the water looks on the other coast. This is a sheltered inlet--the real ocean is outside and it is rarely calm.
We are in Maine, right along the border of New Hampshire, staying with our friends
Doug and Carrie. As soon as we got there, we drove down to their marina and went for a boat ride.
 Doug has a super fast power boat and I experienced an entirely different kind of boating! Not the slow and well, slow, progression along the coast but full out, clutch the sides and forget about drinking that beer, pounding over the waves at 38 knots, top speed kind of boating.  And there are lobster pots all over the place that have to be dodged. Very exciting but forget about making shrimp bisque along the way!
Weather out here is amazing but reaching very hot by afternoon. 35C! Hoo--ee.
We are looking forward to eating a lot of lobster ( started last night), and visiting many picturesque old towns along the coast.  Portsmouth, NH was first settled in 1623!
We have driven almost 6,000 km so far, all quite painless.

                                                             The water's cold!