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Monday, 1 October 2012


It’s never been easy to get pictures of my brothers, but here we are . . .

George, Eleanor, Nestor

I was thrilled to find my grandniece, Djamal, had come home for a visit.

A visit to George and Aline is also a coming home for me since I grew up just a mile down this road.

Here’s the cow pasture and the dugout where Nestor, Diana, and I chased little ducks . . .

. . . and the stones where we sat for our picnics.

Ah, the charm of old familiar views . . .

. . . and old toys.  Nestor actually had her running once upon a time.

Best of all, the warm welcome of my favourite snacks and a cold beer . . .

Aline, your pickles and salsa were amazing!

It was lovely to be back.